Using Natural Ant repellents For Pest Control

home remedies for ants

There are several reasons why you want to use natural ant repellent instead of synthetic chemical based products. One reason is that synthetic chemicals can cause serious health problems. Ants may become diabetic, suffer from asthma, and can even become paralyzed or die if they ingest the chemicals. It would seem that using natural alternatives is a better course of action.’

Use Cinnamon

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One of the best home remedies for ants is to use cinnamon. When cinnamon is blended with honey and then heated it becomes a very powerful natural ant repellent. All you need to do is boil water with the cinnamon and then let it cool before using it. If you find that this method of repelling ants is too harsh on your skin you can try a less harsh combination of cinnamon and honey and then dilute the mixture with a bit of water.

Another one of the most effective home remedies for diy ant control is lemon juice. This natural citrus remedy will also repel insects and is great for dealing with cold sores as well. All you have to do is apply the solution to your lips, tongue, and to your clothes. Lemon juice also helps keep you hydrated, which will help prevent you from becoming dehydrated and allowing the itching and irritation to subside. There are also antiperspirant that contain lemon juice in them.

Successful Home Remedy For Ants

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A successful home remedy for ants involves the use of vinegar. All you have to do is add one cup of vinegar to a medium-sized bucket of water and then add some sugar and let the mixture steep overnight. The next day, pour the vinegar mixture into a spray bottle and spray the ant problem areas that you need to keep scented. It will take a few days for the vinegar to take effect, but over time you should notice a change in the ants that are visiting you.

Other Organic Ingredients That You Can Use To Repel These Pests

If you do not have any vinegar or lemons at home, there are other organic ingredients that you can use to repel these pests. A popular one is wintergreen. You can make your own ant repellant using granola, pine cones, and lemon drops. Add a little bit of liquid soap to the mixture and then apply it to the problem areas on your patio, deck, or deck. Although lemon juice is a popular home remedy for ants, wintergreen is more effective.

Another tip is to create a scent trail. An ant will travel for several miles, making their way from their colony to the food sources. If you create a scent trail, an ant will be less likely to follow it. To do this, you simply apply the ant repellant to any furniture, windowsills, floor coverings, and cabinets where you think there may be ants. Wait a day or so and you will discover a scent trail leading to their underground passage.

Last Words

To apply the chemical, all you need is a spray bottle with water, white vinegar, and soap. The instructions on the label state that you just need to spray the bottle and shake it before opening the cap. This method works well for adults because they can breathe in the fumes. But for children, it is better to keep the bottle indoors where the fumes won’t affect them. This natural ant repellent for ants is effective but not very safe especially when exposed to the eyes and skin.

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