Top 5 Home Remedies For Cough!

Home remedies for cough

Coughs can be annoying ruining your entire day like one moment you are fine and the next moment you are getting stares from the people you are around. Whether you feel too sick to go out for remedies or just don’t want to go to the drug store, home remedies for cough are enough to become normal again. Not every cough should be treated on your own. If you are coughing for more than 2 weeks, you must consult a doctor. You cough and you find it so normal. Here’s a look at the remedies for relieving a sore throat:

Cough Drops Or Why Not Candies?

Well, cough drops do work when you are sick and coughing but researchers know that candies can also give you relief. It is beneficial when you are constantly having stuff back at your throat and the irritation is causing your disturbance

Best home remedies for cough

Try for menthol free drops for a cough or you have your hard candies! You can surely take those for getting relief.

Tea with lemon and honey

If your mom is making tea using lemon drops and honey, then science does back her theory. People find it calming to drink tea when coughing. Tea infused with lemon and honey acts as a cough suppressant and is one of the best home remedies for cough, even better than taking cough syrup. 

Neti Pots

Neti pots are not just for hippies, these are the teapots used for pouring saline water through nasal cavities but it works the best when it comes to treating coughs. It washes away all the nasty kinds of stuff from your neck that could be allergens, bacteria, viruses, or simply anything. Make sure you are using boiled water for preventing yourself from allowing additional bacteria to get through your nasal cavities.

Salt Water Gargle

Have you ever thought that saltwater gargles can help in relieving coughs as well? The salt present in the water helps in reducing inflammation and swelling in the throat and can be sometimes effective even for coughs. Take warm water and pour 8 oz of salt into it and take it for gargling and you can see the positive results soon after!

Check out home remedies for cough

Hot Sauce

It may sound a bit weird but hot sauce helps in treating sore throats or coughs. With the high presence of capsaicin in hot sauce, it fights against the inflammation and provides relief to the throat. It might burn at first but then you can drop a few drops of the sauce in hot water and then use it for gargling. It might turn out to be just the right remedy for treating sore throat.


If you have your favorite home remedies for cough that don’t have any side effects and make your cough go away, try it at all means. Feel better soon and lead the active life again.

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