The Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

A close up of a bug

Bed bugs are quite a problem for all the private houses, dorms, shelters, etc. Bed bugs like to feed on the blood of all the warm-blooded animals.

About bed bugs & their causes

A close up of a bug

Bugs’ small bodies help them travel to different places without being noticed. They cannot fly but their tiny size helps them move unnoticed. They can be found anywhere whether in a hotel room, dorms or houses. The color of bed bugs generally ranges from white to brown or burnt orange. You can notice a black or crimson glob within their body when they are fed. 

They are called bed bugs because they like to hide in beds, mattresses, sofas, clothes, and other little furniture. Bed bugs are transported as people travel from one place to another. Due to their tiny size, they can easily hide in briefcases, purses, suitcases, etc, and can travel with a person being undetected.

They usually hide in beds and dark places. They tend to bite/attack their hosts at night while they are sleeping. When they sleep at night, their hosts feed the bed bugs i.e. midnight to 5 am is their prime time.

Problems from bed bugs

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  • Infections- 

Bed bug bites are very itchy. Bed bugs bite while we are sleeping. We scratch the bite unconsciously leading the wound to open. The other bacteria and viruses in the surrounding enter these wounds and can cause infections.

  • Allergies- 

The frequent bites make the blood of the host sensitive and other frequent bites can cause an allergic reaction of the bites to hosts.

  • Sleep deprivation and stress- 

Bed bugs bite at night causing the loss of sleep to the host. It can also lead to stress.

Eliminate Bed Bugs With These Home Remedies

  • Ziplock your bed

Vacuum your bed and mattress thoroughly. After vacuuming it carefully put the mattress in a zip lock bag and keep it zip locked for a week. By doing this you are preventing any bed bugs to get inside your bedding and if they were already present they will starve and die.

  • Borax powder and water

Sprinkle borax powder on your mattresses and infected areas and then sprinkle water on them. All the bugs will be stifled and killed. You can also add the borax powder to the washing machine so that all the clothes are bedbug-free too.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is very useful in getting rid of bed bugs. Vinegar gets rid of bed bugs by destroying their nervous system. But its eggs cannot be removed. You can liberally spray them on bed bugs or apply them on the sides of the bed.

  • Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol helps in getting rid of bed bugs by dissolving their cells. If a bed bug comes in contact with rubbing alcohol it will dissolve the cells of the bug.


Bed bugs are easily transported and having them around only causes losses whether of physical health, mental health, or economic loss.

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