The Best Herbal Treatment For Sibo And Herbal Supplements For Quick Recovery

herbal treatment for sibo

SIBO(small intestine bacterial overgrowth ) causes gas, diarrhea, constipation. This disease happens due to excessive consumption of sweet foods. Carbohydrate foods also cause mucus in stools, bloating, and pain. When motility decreases in the small intestine, it may result in impaired absorption of nutrients.

But you don’t have to worry about it because herbal treatment for SIBO will help you free from this and make you healthy and fit. It also has natural and herbal treatment. Natural therapy enables you to get rid of this disease, but herbal treatment for the SIBO is beneficial and useful. Let’s talk about this disease and how to survive this type of infection.

Causes Of SIBO

When people get older, the amount of stomach acid decreases. If stomach acid production declines, bacteria are more likely to increase rapidly, leading to bacterial overgrowth. Some people have stress and deficiency of the immune system. Those people are easily affected by this disease. This disease possibly causes those who take abortion pills, steroids, or if someone has pancreatitis.

Symptoms For Herbal Treatment For Sibo

This disease has some common symptoms –

● abdominal pain

● joint pain

● fatigue

● bloating

● vitamin deficiency

Effective Herbal Treatment For Sibo

Herbal treatment for SIBO is beneficial, and it does not have many serious side effects. Herbal medicine will take 1-6 months to recover from this disease.

So let’s discuss some herbal supplements which you can take to protect your health from this disease. Enteric-coated peppermint oil is one of the most helpful herbal supplements for small intestine bacterial overgrowth. Because pepper oil kills bacteria like E.coli, salmonella Typhi, it can stop bacteria from growing; that’s why it is popular in herbal treatment for SIBO.

Pepper oil is also safe to ingest. The grapefruit seed extract also helps you to get rid of SIBO. If one cannot like capsules, they can consume them in liquid form. You have to mix a few drops of it into a glass of water and drink it.

There are other herbal supplements, which you can use in herbal treatment for SIBO: oregano oil capsules, berberine, and olive leaf extract. Oregano oil always helps treat chronic bacterial issues and has an antimicrobial property that helps protect against toxins and fungal infections.

Berberine has the stuff to kill harmful bacteria, which also fight against SIBO and is considered an excellent herbal treatment for SIBO. You can also use the combinations of berberine, olive leaf extract, and other herbs with antibacterial properties. You will be satisfied with the result.


In this article, we try to give you the full detail of herbal treatment for SIBO. Now, let’s talk about some precautions and other methods to cure SIBO. To survive this disease, you have to maintain your diet and take some prescribed antibiotics like Rifaximin, an herbal antibiotic. There are also other herbal antibiotics like Neomycin, Metronidazole. The benefits of antibiotics come out after 3weeks. But from all these antibiotics, rifaximin is the best antibiotic and useful. But with treatment, you will have to stay positive and drink water as much as possible.

Stress for this disease is so harmful. So you have to be calm. SIBO is a chronic disease. It’s not mean that the treatment didn’t successfully mean the disease’s root has not been dealt with properly. So you have to continue your herbal treatment for SIBO and antibiotics for it, which are prescribed. You also have to maintain your daily routine.

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