Natural Remedies For Gas – Use Natural Remedies For Gas Relief

natural remedies for gas

In order to understand what causes gas and why it is produced we must first understand the cause of gas production. Gas is a by product of digestion and is created because food is moved from the stomach into the small intestine, through the tube called the esophagus. Once, in the small intestine the gas exits through the mouth. In order to fully understand what causes bloating one must understand that the stomach contains two layers: the upper layer which houses the uppermost gastric acid and the lower layer which store the digestive enzymes responsible for digesting the foods we eat.

Excess Of Acid

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If the stomach contains excess acid then it will release it as gas. Because of this extra acid the stomach produces additional mucus that acts as a lubricant for the movement of the gastric contents through the tubes in the stomach. The extra mucus also adds to the volume of gas produced. Therefore, if the stomach contains excess acid it is also important that this excess mucus is not blocked as this will contribute to further gassiness and even to reflux.

An herbal remedy which aids the natural functions of the body and reduces bloating is recommended as one of the natural remedies for gas and bloating. These herbs contain substances which naturally combat gas production. Some of these herbs are fennel, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom. Each of these herbs has its own properties which suit the different types of gastric problems and their treatment. Fennel, for example, helps to treat problems with diarrhea and cramp by creating a soothing effect on the stomach.

Cloves help to alleviate burping and gas. It is one of the most excellent natural remedies for gas and bloating. This herb is very powerful as it helps to maintain the balance of the digestive tract. It reduces spasming in the livers which may be caused due to excessive acid. Moreover, it acts as a powerful digestive tonic.

Ginger is an excellent herb which aids in the digestive system. Ginger promotes the smooth functioning of the lungs and decreases the production of stomach acid. If you suffer from gas and excess gas, then ginger natural remedies can really be of great help.

Garlic has many medicinal properties. For example, it is an excellent digestive aid which relieves gas problems. In addition, garlic is also known to reduce inflammation and enhance the efficiency of digestion. This is why garlic is often included in Indian curries and dishes. It is also considered to have anti-inflammatory effects on the digestive tract.

Last Words

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These natural remedies for gas are easily available in the market. However, if you are not able to find them, then you can use the World Wide Web as your source for finding such products. You can visit the website of any company which deals in natural remedies and purchase the products. Just remember that before using any product, always consult a doctor or health care provider.

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