Natural Herbs For Kidneys – Can They Help Your Kidney Problems

natural herbs for kidneys

Natural herbs for kidneys are a very common subject. They are more used to helping people with various kinds of kidney problems. They are safe, have no side effects, and have been shown to be effective for a lot of different diseases. Let’s take a closer look at the use of natural herbs for the kidneys.

One of the more popular natural herbs for the kidneys is hydrangea root. It can be found in Asian and European markets. Hydrangea is a plant that produces a juice that can be helpful to the kidneys. It comes from the root section of the plant. It can be easily prepared as juice, tea, or even in pills. There are many people who find it very helpful.

Natural Herbs For Kidneys

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Other natural herbs for kidney problems are the bladderwrack root. It can be found in the middle part of a root plant. This plant also comes from the root section. Both of these work well together to improve the flow of urine. The effect is an increase in urine flow that helps to reduce the amount of pain a person experiences when they are having kidney problems.

Goldenseal Or Selenium

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Goldenseal or selenium is another one of the natural herbs for kidney problems. This is a powerful antioxidant. When there are enough antioxidants in a person’s system, they are less likely to develop kidney cancer. People who drink plenty of water with this supplement often experience some really good results.

Black Walnut Hulls

A third supplement that has been used for centuries is black walnut hulls. It can be found in different types of natural herbs for the bladder. Some use only the shells, while others include the whole thing. It has been proven to help strengthen the walls of the urinary tracts and is a good way to naturally treat UTIs.


Bladderwrack, or bladder stone, is very common in men. It happens when there is too much pressure in the bladder. This can occur from strenuous jobs such as lifting weights and from aging.

Catuaba Bark

Catuaba bark extract is also helpful to people who have bladder problems. It contains a chemical compound that helps to break up uric acid in the urinary tract so that it does not stick around as it is often formed. It helps to flush out the system in a gentle fashion.

Licorice root is one of the main natural herbs for kidneys. It also goes by the names cranberry apple, goldenseal, and Panax ginseng. It has been used for many years by herbalists all over the world. It helps to encourage proper urine flow. It is very effective for treating kidney stones and for breaking up kidney tissue. It can also be used to relieve inflammation of the urinary tract and to reduce pain.

Echinacea has been shown to boost immunity and fight off viruses. It can also help to boost the functioning of the immune system so that you have higher levels of energy. It should be taken daily, preferably in the morning. The recommended dosage is 500 milligrams three times daily.

Things To Know

These herbs can also be taken in capsule form. However, these capsules should be made from natural ingredients. The ideal ones are from Japanese pagoda trees and wakame kelp. The pagoda tree has been known to have a lot of minerals, and it helps to cleanse the blood. Wakame kelp has been studied in great detail, and it not only inhibits the conversion of cholesterol into plaque, but it also prevents the build-up of fats within the arteries.

There are other herbs that can be very helpful for promoting good urinary tract health. If you take garlic daily, it will help to clean the urinary tract. If you take saw palmetto, it works to prevent estrogen from binding to cells. It can also help to keep your bladder and urinary tract healthier. On the other hand, fennel seed can also help to relieve any problems that may arise.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, there are some powerful natural herbs for kidneys that can be used safely. You do want to make sure that they are natural herbs and not medications. Many of the over-the-counter medications used for kidney problems contain various chemicals that can damage the urinary tract over time. Since your body is already getting what it needs, why add more chemicals? Natural remedies are generally much safer. In addition, if you follow the right diet and exercise regularly, your kidney problems should improve greatly.

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