Natural Cold Remedies That Actually Work

natural cold remedies

Some of the more popular natural cold remedies contain; Acai berry; Cayenne pepper; Dandelion Root; Echinacea purpurpurea; Ginkgo Biloba; L Tyrosine; Mustard root; Walnut leaf and many others. However, you can also find recipes that do not include any of those things. Why? Because natural herbs are generally more effective when used in combinations, and some of those combinations are not found in stores. Therefore, it is up to you to discover what combinations can be used to provide you with the relief that you are looking for.

Correlation Between The Immune System

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It has been proven that there is a direct correlation between the immune system and staying healthy. As we age, our immune system becomes weaker and therefore, we are at increased risk for getting sick. The good thing about natural cold remedies is that they can improve your immune system, which makes you less likely to get sick. Cold viruses can cause you to feel run down and weak, and it is a common after effect of getting sick.

One of the more common natural cold remedies is to use eucalyptus oil to help your nose and your sinuses. To do this, you need to first get a bowl of warm water and then add one tablespoon of eucalyptus oil. Do not use too much oil because it can make your nose feel a little warm. Then inhale the eucalyptus oil into your nostrils. Do this for a few minutes every hour or so until your congestion clears up.

Another one of the more effective natural cold remedies that work is called Echinacea. This tea is made from a root extract of the cinnamomum verum tree and it is often used as a herbal remedy for colds and flu season. Echinacea actually works to boost your immune system so when the cold or flu season comes, you are not susceptible to get sick.

Another one of the natural cold remedies that home remedies experts recommend is actually a home cure for headaches. A headache is caused by stress, so to relieve it, find a way to mentally take your mind off the problem at hand. For example, you might find yourself focusing your mind on some negative aspects of a person like their wrinkles or their age instead of looking at the positive aspects of them. You can actually use echinacea tea to calm your nerves and help your body heal itself.

A common home remedy that people often turn to when they feel better or just want to ease the symptoms of a cold is ginger. The British believe that ginger tea helps the body naturally fight off the flu and it has been used in China for ages. While it is true that ginger does have anti-viral properties, drinking ginger tea alone won’t cure you. You have to take care with home remedies like this because they can cause your body to be more susceptible to catching the flu. In addition, it is highly recommended that you don’t take ginger with any type of sugar or other high calorie food since this can make the flu season even worse.

Summing Up

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One of the best all natural cold remedies out there is simply by staying away from the things that irritate you and by taking extra measures to avoid the ones that don’t help your body fight off the virus. For example, if you’re a smoker, stop. Smoke causes an excess amount of mucus to build up in your throat which can cause coughs and other symptoms. If you aren’t a smoker but frequently drink beverages such as coffee or tea, try to cut back or eliminate them altogether. Drinking cold drinks is also another culprit, so try to take a cold shower instead of a warm one to try and expel all the mucus buildup in your throat and help clear up your symptoms.

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