Migraine Herbal Treatment – How to Choose the Right One

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If you have been suffering for your migraine and headache, there is no time to waste and start searching for the best migraine herbal treatment. There are many ways on how you can treat and prevent yourself from this pain and suffering. You do not want to suffer more and if possible, find the best treatment available in the market. A lot of products and supplements are being sold out there claiming to provide instant relief when it comes to migraine and headache pains but you have to be wise and do not believe everything that you have seen. You have to make sure that it is proven and approved by medical experts.

The migraine herbal treatment is one way of relieving your headache pain. The essential oils used for these home remedies are used worldwide as effective home treatments that various range diseases. It also lessen the frequency and avoid from migraine headache attacks. Feverfew and butterbur are some popular two essential oil that stop from migraine headache and prevent its frequency.


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Feverfew is an essential oil that has a light and sweet aroma. It has been widely used for its effective treatment for migraine headaches. It is also good when applied on the forehead to relieve migraine symptoms. This oil reduces the swelling and inflammation on the head and it also soothes the affected area.


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Lavender is another one of the migraine herbal treatment. Its flowers are very fragrant, romantic and sweet. Its aroma has a calming effect that reduces stress. It also relieves headache and nausea especially during menstrual period.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is also another herbal remedy for migraine. It has a strong aromatic smell that smells like a candy bar. Its antibacterial property kills germs and bacteria that cause infection. It is also effective in reducing pain, relieving stress, improving memory and increasing concentration. For women who get a headache due to menopause, peppermint is good as it balances hormone level which gives you less severe mood swings and anxiety.


Cardamom is an essential oil that is good in relaxing the muscles around the head. It relieves the pain caused by migraine and improves circulation to the head. Cardamom also reduces headaches that come with fever, headache, and vomiting.


Clove is an aromatic herb that also causes headaches. Its flowers have a spicy and sweet flavor. Clove has antispasmodic, sedative and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for migraine. To prevent vertigo, clove oil can be combined with Rosemary and sandalwood. This makes a blend of medicinal herbs that are helpful in relieving migraine symptoms.

Cohosh And Catnip

The other most popular migraine herbal treatment is black cohosh and catnip. Black cohosh is effective in reducing inflammation that causes migraine symptoms. It is also effective in treating various types of headaches including tension-type headache, migraine, and migraine with aura.

Catnip also works by preventing unnecessary feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and worry. When you take catnip it increases the blood flow to your brain and improves your mood. It also makes you feel relaxed and fresh. You can apply catnip also in your hair to relieve scalp inflammation and tension caused by your migraine.


Echinacea is an essential oil that is commonly found in a lot of herbal products. It is good to relax your mind and body. It is also helpful in reducing stress and helps you deal with emotional and physical stress. One of the migraine herbal treatment is echinacea that is useful in removing harmful toxins from your body. It can improve your digestive system, so you can easily digest your food and avoid constipation.

Final Thoughts

For people who cannot find essential oil for migraine symptoms, they can opt for tangerine oil. Tangerine oil is also a good alternative if you do not want to use other oil because it tastes good. It is similar to the taste of lemon. It can make you relax. Lemon may be too powerful for some but tangerine oil can still work.

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