Know About Herbal Treatment For Prostate Cancer

herbal treatment for prostate cancer

Among five people, one is facing life-threatening diseases like cancer. But there are a number of self-care strategies that can help to prevent you from prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the third major reason for cancer that causes death. However, people can prevent their loved ones from this disease with the help of herbal remedies. In this article, you will know some herbal treatments for prostate cancer. So without wasting time, let’s start.

Risk Factors, Sign, And Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer

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There are many risk factors of prostate cancer including obesity, a family history of prostate cancer, and high-fat dairy products or a diet high in red meat. The risk of cancer rises after age 5, and out of three, one man occurs cancer over age 65. People with prostate cancer mostly have high levels of a substance that is a prostate-specific antigen. This substance can be detected with the help of medical screening. Other symptoms of prostate cancer include low back pain, difficulty passing urine, and pain with ejaculation.

Natural And Herbal Treatment For Prostate Cancer

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Vitamin D

Many researches show that maintaining a better level of vitamin D can help you protect against prostate cancer. However, it is not easy to take the proper amount of vitamin D from sun exposure and food sources. So that many medical experts suggest that to boost vitamin levels, you can take a daily supplement.

Green Tea

Green tea is a great herbal treatment for prostate cancer because it contains polyphenols and catechins that helps prevent certain types of cancer. Many studies show that people who take green tea on a daily basis have a low risk of advanced prostate cancer. To reduce the risk of cancer, you need to take green tea at the right time.


A number of researches indicate that daily consumption of lycopene that is an antioxidant content in food such as watermelon and tomato helps decrease the risk of prostate cancer. Though, not many studies have proven that when you take lycopene in supplement form, it can reduce cancer risk.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Scientific research found that higher consumption of dietary omega-3 fatty acids helps to decrease the risk of prostate cancer. Many medical experts suggest that omega-3 found in oily fish like mackerel and salmon help fight prostate cancer by decreasing inflammation.


Chronic zinc has the potential to increase the likelihood of developing BPH. Consuming zinc from dietary intake can help decrease urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. You can consume zinc from seafood, poultry, and a number of nuts and seeds like pumpkin and sesame.

Follow a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits, reduce your alcohol intake to two or take a few drinks per day, do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, and visit the doctor to monitor your prostate health that can also help cancer prevention.

If you take any type of supplement for prostate cancer prevention, you need to first consult with a doctor about its risk and benefits.

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