Homeopathic Remedies For Bipolar Disorder

natural remedies for bipolar

It is also one of those conditions which has a high potential for recurrence. However, if you need a safe and natural remedy for bipolar disease, there are many options available that will give you relief without having any side effects. A number of homeopathic medicines are available, which may offer you natural remedies for bipolar. Many of these medicines are very effective in case of severe depression or mania.

The treatment plan for bipolar can vary from person to person, depending upon the individual’s condition and symptoms. The duration or period of the disorder is another determining factor. Bipolar disorder is divided into two categories: seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and manic-depressive disorder (MDD). In addition, Bipolar I disorder is an affective disorder which involves only mild symptoms and is diagnosed after a period of at least four weeks of suffering from at least four occasions of mood swings.

Treat Mood Disorders

Bipolar medications used to treat mood disorders are divided into two major categories: conventional medications and herbal medications. Conventional medications refer to those drugs that can be bought over the counter and used for treating acute manic episodes. Herbal medications include those which have to be taken as supplements and contain natural ingredients.

Conventional medications usually consist of at least one major anticonvulsant, at least one antidepressant, mood stabilizers and at least one antihypertensive. They also contain sedatives and hypnotics to help patients cope with symptoms of mania and depression. Since many of these medications have side effects, alternative forms of treatment like homeopathy are gaining popularity. Unlike conventional medications, homeopathic remedies do not have any serious side effects and they are very easy to administer as well.

Functional, Generalized, Cognitive And Psychotic

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The symptoms and causes of bipolar disorder are classified as Functional, Generalized, Cognitive and Psychotic. According to the American Psychiatric Association, Bipolar I patients experience episodes which are characterized by either periods of severe mania (mania), depression or mixed states, or by episodes of hypomania and hypo-mania. Bipolar disorder patients may also experience mixed symptoms and these include irritability, anxiety, impulsivity, restless sleep, restlessness, distractibility, guilt, paranoia and mania. Based on the symptoms and causes, natural remedies for bipolar disorder can be used to treat the disorder.

One natural remedy for bipolar disorder is to use St. John’s Wort as a mood stabilizer. It has been found out that this herb controls the activity of both the neuropeptides and the noradrenalin. This allows the person to remain calm even when there are extreme changes in the level of mood. 

Extremely Important To Determine The Actual Cause

Since it is a mood stabilizer, it is also useful for treating depressive and manic episodes. In addition, St. John’s Wort is also known to improve the quality of sleep, decrease anxiety, promote relaxation and help with weight loss.

St. John’s Wort is one among the many remedies available for treating the disorder. It is extremely important to determine the actual cause of mania and depression, if you wish to use St. John’s Wort as a remedy. For instance, if you have extremely low self-esteem and poor coping skills, it is advisable to get psychological counseling instead of relying on home remedies for bipolar disorder.


It is also possible to find other natural remedies for this condition through the use of alternative therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic. Chiropractic care has been proven to alleviate some symptoms of this disorder. For example, adjustments to the spine can help relieve pressure on the nerves and help reduce muscle tension, which is a common cause of mania or depression. Acupuncture is another treatment option that has helped many individuals deal with this disorder. This type of therapy can help eliminate negative energy through the use of needles that penetrate the skin.

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