Home Remedies For Lice – Keep Your Head Lice-Free

home remedies for lice

Lice is an infectious disease that has a tendency to spread from person to person. The lack of personal hygiene causes lice. There are many proven home remedies for lice that are quick easy and don’t affect the health of the person. Lice cause rash and itchy skin that makes it very difficult to sleep at night. Children are more prone to lice than adults thus natural home remedies for lice can be good and soft on their skin. The simple home remedies for lice are cheap and are quicker to fix the problem early. The home remedies for lice are also better as they can easily identify the eggs that are the real culprits. There are many over-the-top prescriptions and shampoos but they have many side effects while the home remedies for lice are natural and safe in terms of the health of the child. The home remedies for lice are now also to go for as the lice themselves have become immune to many of these artificial shampoos and medicines. There are some basic home remedies available to remove lice from combing to just washing with natural plant-based oils. The home remedies for lice are way more efficient than those chemically induced shampoos.

Home Remedies for Lice – Wet Combing

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Combing the hair is advised and also is proven to be one of the best home remedies for lice. One should do it every day at least for few weeks and two times a day is a must. Combing with wet hair is best as it takes out the eggs by themselves that are the main source of lice. A female lays eggs every other day and they hatch around in a week and spread. If the spread of the eggs is controlled then the lice can be quickly be washed out. Moreover, combing helps to increase the circulation of blood, and when the blood moves the lice automatically goes out. The home remedies for lice thus are far more effective than others

Essential Oils

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There is also one home remedy available that is essential oils. The store-bought oils can prove even more damaging to the skin and it is advised to use natural oils. Oils like tea tree and neem oil have proven to be very beneficial. They should be applied and the hair should then be combed. The oils are good antibacterial agents and remove the breeding ground for the lice.

Home Remedies for Lice – Herbal Shampoos

The natural herbal shampoos not only removes the lice but also strengthen the hair. It is usually advised that if you have lice washing your head at least three times a week becomes necessary. The herbal shampoos are not harsh and do not cause any adverse side effects to the skin, especially for children they are highly recommended. These shampoos can be made at home using the day to day things like onions. Onions just have to be squeezed and the juice can be used as a shampoo. Another one is apple cider vinegar which removes the eggs and lice


Lice are not something that one should be ashamed of that can happen to anyone. SImple home remedies for lice can be used to remove those itchy eggs and the result comes just overnight.

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