Herbal Treatment For Hemorrhoids That You Can Try Out

herbal treatment for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lowest part of your rectum and anus. It is also known as piles in another language. In this disease, the walls of the blood vessels become so thin that when you poop, veins bulge in these walls and get irritated, which causes problems in passing stool. Sometimes blood comes while passing stool, and it becomes excruciating to pass stool. This problem is widespread in India, as India records more than 10 million cases every year. You can always try some herbal treatment for hemorrhoids at home to soothe your pain. But first, let us know what the symptoms are for the same.

Discomfort In Bowel Movements

herbal oil

This is the most common symptom of having piles. In this, a person gets excruciating bowel movements, and from this, it is self-diagnosable that the person is suffering from piles.


herbal oil

Usually, itching and bleeding occur together. This person gets bleeding while having a bowel movement. It becomes painful for the person while sitting in a place for a long time, making this problem so painful and irritating.

Every problem has its herbal or home remedies, which the people use to cure that problem. These remedies are always preferable because they don’t have any side effects. Since this problem is widespread in India, so people have found many herbal treatments for this, which are as follows:

Using Aloe Vera

People are using aloe Vera for a very long time to cure skin-related problems. Ancient history has shown that using aloe vera gel can cure hemorrhoids, too, as it has anti-inflammatory properties, reducing irritation. You can find it easily inside the aloe vera plant leaves.

Warm Bath With Epitome Salt

It is proven that having a warm water body bath after every bowel movement for 20 minutes can reduce all types of irritation. Adding epitome salt can provide relief in pain and anger.

Soothing Wipes

One should never use toilet paper after a bowel movement, especially when one is suffering from hemorrhoids. It can cause inflammation and irritation and can further increase hemorrhoids. He should use soothing wipes for cleaning, which have aloe vera extracts in them. 

Loose Cotton Clothing

One should never wear tight clothes when he is suffering from hemorrhoids because it can make that place unbreathable and dry, increasing the problem of hemorrhoids. People suffering from this problem should always wear loose, breathable cotton clothes. It will give them relief.   


Lastly, I would like to say that no problem is small until dealt with by yourself, So one should never laugh at others when facing a situation like this. This problem of hemorrhoids is not a joke. People who go through it can understand the amount of pain and irritation they go through. Thanks to our ancient science, we have some herbal or home-based remedies for this, which anyone can apply without any side effects to cure this problem and live a pain-free life.

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