Get Rid Of Athletes Foot – Effective Home Remedies

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Tinea Pedis is the medical term used for an athlete’s foot. It is a fungal skin infection and usually begins in between the toes. The most common symptoms on the skin present as scaly, itchy, rashy, and might be painful or burning in some cases. With time, ulcers or blisters may also develop in the affected area.

Since an athlete’s foot is quite receptive to home treatment modalities; we bring you useful remedies to get rid of that itchy painful foot

Over The Counter Medication – Easily Accessible And Quite Effective

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There are several over-the-counter medications available in the market. These medicines are available in the market in the form of powders, ointments, etc. Apply these medications directly onto the affected area and continue using them for at least a week. Keep using it for another week even after the symptoms disappear to prevent a recurrence.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Bubbles Out Your Infection

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Hydrogen peroxide can efficiently kill fungus on the foot. Gush the hydrogen peroxide directly onto the affected area. The bubbles start to appear in case you have open wounds. Keep repeating this process twice a day until the infection subsides.

Use Tea Tree Oil For Quick Results

Tea tree oil is packed with both not just antifungal but also antibacterial properties. Hence, it is commonly used to treat fungal infections. Apply the tea tree oil daily onto the affected area and you will see the cure within a few weeks.

Neem oil – Traditional Yet Effective

Both neem oil and neem leaf extracts have immense antifungal properties. Get rid of that athlete’s foot after applying the neem oil or leave extract directly onto the affected area. Apply it twice or thrice per day.

Garlic – Herb At Your Rescue

Garlic has proven to be a quite effective home remedy for an athlete’s foot. According to a study, a garlic derivative resulted in a total cure in 79% of the participants just after 7 days of starting the treatment. Squash 4 to 5 cloves of garlic and rub them over the infected area two times a day.

Talcum Powder – Most Economical Remedy

Talcum powder or baby powder can work great on an athlete’s foot. This helps the area to be clean and dry and thus making it difficult for the fungus to thrive. Apply talcum powder directly onto the dried affected area whenever you wear socks.

Summing Up The Home Remedies

Athlete’s foot is a transmissible disease. Keep in mind not to scratch or touch the affected area. Touch the infected area only while applying any cream lotion or powder to that area. Clean your hands before applying the medication. This will prevent not only the fungus but also prevent the bacteria from thriving in that area.

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