Effective And Natural Ways To Treat Sinus Infection

sinus infection home remedies

Home remedies for sinus infection are the most sought after sinusitis treatments nowadays. The reason is that unlike the drugs, these have no side effects and are very easy to find. Many people suffering from sinusitis also prefer home remedies to cure sinusitis.

Maintain a healthy diet. You must stay away from salty food as it causes mucus to build up in your nasal passages. Also try and stay away from spicy foods and those with onion or garlic. These cause the bacteria to multiply faster. This might sound very simple but it is one of the best home remedies for acute sinus infections.

Apple Cider Vinegar With Warm Water

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This is one of the best sinus infection home remedies you can use: mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with warm water. Drink this mixture thrice daily. You may feel uncomfortable for sometime during the first couple of days but don’t be worried. This is normal. The effects of this mixture will be felt within a few days.

If you are feeling more than just a little bit of pain or discomfort, then you can use this apple cider vinegar mixture as a treatment to get rid of your sinus infection symptoms. However, it is advisable to go for natural treatments as medicines can sometimes have negative side effects on your body. You can try and get rid of these side effects by using natural remedies.

Drinking Cranberry Juice

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Another one of the effective remedies for sinusitis is drinking cranberry juice. Drink this juice regularly because it contains good bacteria that can fight against the infection. These bacteria are also known as probiotics or friendly bacteria and can help you get rid of your sinusitis symptoms naturally. If you want to speed up the effects of the treatment, you can add some eucalyptus oil to the glass of cranberry juice.

Probiotics are known to boost your immune response and this is why they are considered to be good health supplements. They can fight against infection in the mouth and gastrointestinal tract and boost your immunity. Some people argue that taking probiotics is not an effective remedy but others swear by them and recommend them to their patients who have sinusitis.

Using Essential Oils

Another home remedy you can use to get rid of your sinus infection symptoms is using essential oils. Try mixing the following essential oils with lukewarm water: geranium, chamomile, lavender, Rosemary, tea tree, clove and eucalyptus. When these oils are combined, make a steaming solution by adding about half a cup of water and allowing it to steep for at least a few minutes. Drink the steamy mixture as it provides soothing relief from your symptoms.

Antibiotics are used mainly for cases where the infection has become too severe for home remedies to take care of it. Home remedies for sinus infections such as making a warm compress with boiling water and inhaling the steam may help ease the pain you feel due to sinusitis. Sinus infections usually last for several days and can even recur if left untreated. If your sinus infection symptoms do not go away in a few days, you should seek medical attention from a doctor.


Probiotics are also known as beneficial bacteria. These bacteria can be found in yogurt and other forms of raw foods. However, there are times when they cannot be found in such food sources as well and this is when they can be used to treat your infection. The good health benefits of probiotics are numerous, including treating and preventing sinusitis and other sinus problems.

Some people experience allergic reactions from antibiotics or the chemicals contained in some over-the-counter medicines. In such cases, they can increase their susceptibility to infections, including sinusitis. For instance, taking an antibiotic for a sinus infection may cause your sinus passages to swell because the bacteria stops the immune system from fighting the infection. This swelling then creates a very conducive environment for bacteria to grow, causing additional discomfort. To avoid this problem, taking antibiotics in the future should be decided on carefully.

Final Words

Other symptoms caused by sinusitis include feeling congested and blocked up. When your sinus passages get congested, mucous starts to build up and you have nasal congestion. This will lead to the symptoms described earlier. When your sinuses get blocked up, air cannot travel through properly and this leads to further congestion and increased mucus production, thus triggering the symptoms mentioned above.

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