Best Natural Remedies For UTI – Treatment At Home

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Women mostly suffer from UTI as they are more sensitive. The use of public washrooms or peeing somewhere out increases the risk of UTI. There is medication available ofcourse, you can take antibiotics but overuse might lead to the issue of resistance. 

Although, you will experience immediate relief and the infection will be cured in 2 days. The infection is caused when the bacteria successfully enters inside your urethra. As we all know prevention can stop the infection from spreading in your body. There are natural remedies for UTI that can help you defeat the infection in the long run. 

Let’s discuss all the easily accessible methods that you can do to keep away from infection. No matter if you live alone or with family you can take care of yourself with these easy natural remedies for UTI.

Natural Home Remedies For UTI

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The simplest way to stay away from UTI is to drink a lot of water. Increasing your water consumption to 3 liters a day can also decrease the painful episodes. You will notice symptoms like abdominal pain, cloudy urination, frequent urination or burning sensation. To avoid these extremely uncomfortable situations you have to cultivate few habits. 

Drink Enough Water

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This is the most affordable and easily accessible remedy that you must not skip. Water is everything that you need to flush the infection or bacteria out. The more you drink water the better your infection gets. So, why not drink about 4 liters everyday for not just to save yourself from UTI but also a lot of diseases. 

Don’t Hold Urination

It is always recommended to empty your bladder as holding up urine consisting of infection might worsen the UTI. Don’t let the bacteria multiply inside and drink 1 glass of water every 30 minutes to flush out the infection. 

Wear Cotton/Skin Friendly Underwear

Keeping the vaginal are clean and dry is very important and nobody enjoys the feeling. If you can’t figure out a way then start using cotton undergarments, it will absorb the moisture. In very tight panties, the air can not reach the urethra and make it a suitable place for bacterial growth. Avoid wearing nylon material clothes or underwears, and try to be as comfortable as you can. 

How To Use Soaps & Menstrual Pads, Tampons Or Cups?

Switch your soaps to intimate wash as they are especially curated to balance the ph level in your urinary tract. Choose your menstrual pads, tampons or cups very wisely. A small mistake can lead to worsening UTI conditions. Frequently change your tampons on time and keep emptying your cup. Pick the correct size for you as it can be an UTI causing factor. Using low absorbent nylon pads can increase the risk of bacteria entering your vulva. 


Eat nutritious and more water content food, not much spicy. You can eat cranberries, drink coconut water that might help lessen the pain. Don’t forget to eat a lot of yogurt, it has the good bacteria to keep away the infection from recurring.

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