8 Natural Remedies For Constipation To Cure It Instantly

natural remedies of constipation

A daily common health issue that most of us face once or uncountable times is constipation. Luckily, this health nuisance is treatable at home without rushing to the doctor. Your kitchen is the right medical store to visit to get constipation treatment. You might be knowing a few of the natural remedies for constipation, but there are many more effective remedies you might not know.

Read further to know about those effective treatments for constipation. 

Simple Natural Remedies For Constipation 

A glass of ginger
  1. Coffee- If you have stayed away during constipation, thinking that it would go away soon, you are wrong. Coffee is the cure for those discomforting bowel movements as caffeine in the coffee stimulates the intestine muscles. But, do not sip coffee throughout the day. 
  2. Herbal tea- Herbal teas are a cure for all simple health issues that are home treatable. But, instead of milk tea, drink herbal teas because milk will worsen your condition. Try ginger, black tea, green tea, chamomile, peppermint, or licorice root tea. 
  3. Lemon juice- CItrus fruits remove all the toxins and cure constipation. So, squeeze a lemon in a cup of water and drink fresh. 
  4. Aloe vera- Undoubtedly, aloe vera has to be in our list of natural remedies for constipation as it cures several health ailments. Right from the skin to cuts and burns, aloe vera can treat all, including constipation. So, drink aloe vera juice or eat it fresh in the morning. 
  5. Coconut water- If you don’t want to prepare any concoction for constipation, simply drink fresh coconut water. It has lots of digestive friendly minerals, plus it will keep you hydrated to ease the bowel movements.
  6. Fennel- A natural laxative that is available in every kitchen is fennel seeds. Simply roast the fennel seeds, around a tablespoon, and drink with warm water. You will feel relief instantly. 
  7. Dry fruits- Figs, raisins, and prunes can cure stubborn tummy troubles as they are rich in fiber. Fibre aids in smooth digestive functioning and makes your bowel firm so that it passes easily. You can either eat them dry or drink prune juice in the morning. 
  8. Honey- Another natural laxative but a bit mild and full of the digestive friendly enzyme is honey. And we don’t need to tell you how to consume honey. Simply take a tablespoon plain or eat with warm water.

Apart from these natural remedies for constipation, you must adopt these healthy habits to stay away from frequent constipation. 

Healthy Habits To Prevent Constipation

herbal tea

Exercise daily as a sedentary lifestyle affects your metabolism; thus, your food does not get digested properly. This interference with digestion leads to several tummy troubles, and constipation is one of them. 

Drink water as dehydration is another reason for constipation. But, if you can’t drink much water, then eat fruits that have high water content. Also, avoid eating greasy foods, high-fat foods, and processed foods as they can cause constipation. 


Constipation is a result of unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. But, it can even occur in healthy people as a result of the wrong food. Don’t worry; try the natural remedies for constipation and get instant relief.  

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