7 Top Natural Remedies For Headaches!

Natural remedies for headaches

Headaches first start as migraines having a visual aura and slowly progressing into aches that can make you land in your beds for hours feeling like a loose body on the bed. Headaches are so common that many people complain about it in their entire lifespan. Fortunately, natural remedies for headaches are effective in reducing the pain of a throbbing head. Headaches are faced by everyone nearly at some point in their lives. Whether it’s the tension lurking around or weather changes, headaches are something that everyone can relate to. The list of natural remedies very useful during headaches:

Getting Better Sleep

Insomnia can cause a throbbing head not allowing you to concentrate on anything that you are doing. Having a regular sleep pattern prevents headaches. Practice good sleeping patterns like going to bed at the same time and maintaining a dark environment while sleeping. It helps you in sleeping better at night and also reduces your oversleeping behavior for warding off headaches

Best natural remedies for headaches


Muscle tightness of the shoulders and upper arms can trigger headaches lasting for long times. Massages are natural remedies for headaches when you are taking the services of a professional for giving you a good massage. You can use massage balls or even apply heat at your back and neck for relieving you from a headache. Using good ergonomics helps in keeping your spine and arms for positioning correctly at the workstations.

Using Of Essential Oils

Essential oils help in healing headaches where these oils are used as part of aromatherapy. Many researchers have proven that inhaling lavender oil helps a lot and it also works as a foot product. These oils are considered to be topical pain relievers with all the essential oils,it is safe to use. You are free to experiment with any essential oil you want without any side effects.

Intake of magnesium

Studies provide that taking 400 to 500 mg of magnesium a day helps in providing relief from migraines or even headaches caused during menstruation in women. The dosage turns out to be safe for many people but pregnant women prefers to take only 400mg daily. The exact reason why magnesium is beneficial has not been found out but taking this mineral has helped a lot of people.

Practicing Yoga

Mental stress and muscle alignments provoke headaches and yoga can be very effective in reducing it. Yoga addresses all the factors triggering a headache by focusing on deep breathing techniques along with gentle body movements for allowing flexibility. Try beginner yoga classes if you are experiencing headaches frequently.

Effective and Natural natural remedies for headaches


Keeping yourself hydrated allows all your body functions to perform normally. So whenever you are getting a headache drink around 4 glasses for water and you will see the magic within hours. Fluid-filled fruits like berries, watermelons, etc. can also work the same.  


The roots of butterbur help in reducing migraine problems. It is one of the natural approaches towards treating migraines so look for high-quality supplements for giving you results.  


These are some natural remedies for headaches. If you ever find yourself having a headache you can try any of the following!

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