6 Best Herbal Remedies For Depression!

Herbal remedies for depression

Depression is the most overlooked problem as it has very less signs to it but around 300 million people around the world are facing depression. Most people remain sad and unhappy, maybe because they didn’t land in their dream job or because of heartbreak, the reason can be anything! If you are planning to treat your depression, Herbal remedies for depression are the best. Youngsters can be seen facing Depression and anxiety that they don’t know how to make a better living. Even if this doesn’t work out, it is now time to consult a doctor. Here’s the list of herbs for helping you fight depression:

St. John’s Wort

It is one of the effective herbal remedies for depression if you are not taking medication for it. It is an ancient European way of treating anxiety and sadness in people. The herbs contain hypericin and hyperforin which mainly works by blocking the reuptake of the serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter used for well being but found less in depressed people. It is a natural herb for relieving depression.  

Best herbal remedies for depression

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is found as sprays, inhalants, and even as lotions and in sachets. The smell helps in calming the brain helping in a deep sleep. It is also now available in an oral form, the collection done in microscopic bubbles, and then placed in capsules for allowing inside for crossing the intestinal barrier.

Lavender is also an anxiety treatment not making you feel tired. You can use this oil whenever you are facing anxiety attacks. 

Valerian Root

This herb works as a mild anti-depressant and does not have any sedative effect on the brain. It is a great herb for making one sleep as per researchers. It is best when you are having several anxiety waves of panic while driving a car or when at parties. Valerian can be consumed in small doses, about 20 mg or less.

For sleep or high anxiety disorders, you can consume it in 600 mg or even higher. 

Effective and best herbal remedies for depression


Kava is quite similar to alcohol having relaxing and anxiety-reducing powers but without addictive qualities. Having 300 mg once a day helps in reducing depression and improving cognitive function. But kava need not be taken more than 4 weeks or else it can harm your liver and create hepatitis.


You get this herb from the root of the Ginseng plant and has been used for treating anxiety and depression since ages. It has been providing mental clarity to people and more energy by reducing stress. Many studies have shown that the properties of ginseng help in giving motivation that reduces depression.


How can you miss out on chamomile and its efficient role in treating anxiety and depression? It helps in producing significant relief that one gets from depressive symptoms. Chamomile also makes one feel calm and active.


These are some herbal remedies for depression. Depression should be treated at the earliest or else consequences can be worse.

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