3 Safest Natural Remedies For Toothache That Works Better Than Medications

natural remedies for toothache

If you’re suffering from a toothache, you should figure out what is happening near your root canals. Once you know why you’re suffering from a toothache, you’ll learn how to decrease the pain and treat the symptoms. One of the most common natural remedies for toothache is rinsing your tooth with saltwater.

This remedy is suitable for minor toothache, but for complicated problems, you need to bang your dentist’s doors. In our opinion, if you’re suffering from toothache for more than 48 hours, it’s time to seek assistance from the dentist. Your dentist friend will understand what’s the problem and which solutions will work for your toothache. 

Nevertheless, before you visit the dentists, you can consider the safest home remedies for toothaches. However, if you’re breastfeeding or suffering from some severe health conditions, avoid the home remedies. 

For people interested in home remedies, below, we’re sharing some natural treatment options for treating minor and complicated toothaches. 

Rinsing With Salt Water

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The majority of people suffering from a toothache rush to their kitchen and search for the salt container. Rinsing your decayed tooth with salt water is actually beneficial, and even dentists suggest this first-line treatment. Salt mixed with normal water actually acts as a disinfectant and kills the bacteria, and neutralizes the pain. 

Saltwater also loosens the food particles stuck in your gums, and hence the pain is also reduced. If there are oral wounds left untreated, you can constantly use salt water for healing them. 

If you feel inflammation is the real reason for toothaches, you can also consider the saltwater treatment option. 

Using The Peppermint Tea Bags 

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Peppermint tea bags are like a god gift for patients suffering from sensitive gums. Sensitive gums always cause discomfort in the roots, and dealing with that unbearable pain becomes the daily cup of tea. 

Peppermint tea bags are super beneficial for treating your sensitive gums and neutralizing the pain. You need some used peppermint tea bags, which should be slightly warm, and slowly rub them on your sensitive gums. If the warmer tea bags are irritating your sensitive gums, you can use the cool tea bags and see the difference. 


Cloves are used for centuries, not decades, for curing various tooth disorders. From treating the decayed tooth to reducing the sensitive gums’ inflammation, cloves are smaller in size, but the list of advantages is never-ending. For treating tooth disorders, clove oil is highly advised because it reduces inflammation and numbs the pain. 

Put a few drops of clove oil on the cotton balls and apply them to the affected areas. For better results, you can also few drops of olive and carrier oil with clove oil. If cotton balls irritate, you can put some clove oil in water and use this instant mouthwash. 

Final Words

These are some best natural remedies for toothache, but if the pain is getting more intense and unbearable, directly rush to your dentist’s clinic! Some types of toothaches cannot be treated with natural remedies and only requires medical assistance. 

Go For Regular Dental Health Checkups And Keep Your Gums Away From Germs And Bacteria!

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